Akfen Holding Board of Directors Member

After graduating from Surrey University, England, Spanish Business Administration Department in 2010, Pelin Akın Özalp started her career in the Strategy department within the Finance department of Deutsche Bank’s Madrid office. Following her return to Turkey, she was accepted to the MT program of TAV Airports Holdings, to be trained as a future executive.
Currently Pelin Akın ÖZALP serves as a Member of the Corporate Governance Committee and Member of the Board at Akfen Holding. In addition, Pelin Akın ÖZALP also serves as a Board Member of Akfen REIT and IBS Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage.
Pelin Akın Özalp, takes place in different groups of both Spanish Business Council, British Business Council, Ireland Business Council and USA Business Council of DEIK. She is also an active member of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors at TİKAV (Turkish Human Resources Education and Health Foundation) founded in Hamdi Akın’s leadership in 1999. Pelin Akın Özalp is Vice President of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award-Türkiye National Committee whose main sponsor is Akfen Holding. She is also Chairwoman at the Advisory Board of the Contemporary Turkish Studies Chair founded in London School of Economics since 2010. Pelin Akın Özalp had been organsing until 2017 the ‘Tatlıdil Forum’ that was founded in 2011 in order to strengthen political, economic and cultural relations between Turkey and the U.K for the last two years. She is also a member of Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TURKONFED), Public Policy and Democracy Studies (PODEM), Family Business Association (TAİDER) and TOBB Young Entreprenuers Advisory Board Member. She is Board Member of the Turkish Businesswomen Association (TIKAD) and Woman in Board of Directors Association (YKKD). In 2015, Pelin Akın Özalp was chosen to be an Associate Member for TÜSİAD’s Board for 2 years as being the youngest member.