2015 Social Inclusion Projects


In 2015, two panels were organised on different social problems by TIKAV and Mersin International Port (MIP). The Panels were about “Working Life and Women” as well as “Communication within the Family”. These panels aimed to develop different perspectives, touch on social issues, raise awareness among the public and share knowledge on applications taking part across the country. Solutions were explored by bringing together various people and organisations.

A) Working Life and Women Panel

The Working Life and Women Panel took place on 16 April 2015 in partnership with TIKAV and MIP. The panel was moderated by TIKAV and Akfen Holding Board Member Pelin Akın. The speakers included Prof. Dr. Baher Taner from the Mersin University Women’s Issues Research and Application centre, retired governor Evliya Yüksel, manager in the private sector İlkiz Hancıoğlu as well as Necla Tuğral who works in the agriculture sector. The panel discussed issues that women face in their working life, women’s employment, prejudices against working women, gender discrimination and balance within family life for working women. Women from different sectors shared their views on the aforementioned topics.


B. Inter-Family Communication Panel

The “Inter-Family Communication” Panel was organised in partnership with TIKAV and MIP on 10 December 2015 in Mersin. The panel was open to the public and touched upon issues such as empathy within the family, active listening within the family, the importance of respect, transparency within the family and trust, understanding and behaviour integrity between partners, the development of communication between parents and children and teenage hood, factors that prevent communication and potential solutions.

The program started with author İpek Ongun’s speech and the moderating was carried out by Akfen Holding Finance Coordinator Gülbin Bekit. The speakers included Family and Social Policies Mersin Provincial Manager Çiğdem Göllü, Lawyer Neriman Özdemir, business owner Ufuk Özen and student Mehmet Daş.