As the Turkey Human Resources Education and Health Foundation (“TIKAV” or “The Foundation”) we are incredibly sensitive towards the security of your personal data. In this respect, we place great importance on the fact that all the data of the individuals who make use of TIKAV’s products and services are protected and saved according to the Law no. 6698, Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK). We handle all your data according to the processes determined below which are outlined in the KVKK. This data is kept by the “Data Protector”.


a.     Data Protector and Representative

 According to the Law no. 6698, your personal data can be used and stored by TIKAV whose address is at Kazım Özalp Mahallesi Koza Caddesi No: 26 Çankaya, Ankara.


b.     How Your Personal Data will be Used and Processed

Your personal data will be used for taking part in Projects carried out by TIKAV; personalisation of products and services according to your likes, using habits and needs; the acquisition of foundational regulations, policies and documents; within the framework of carrying out our activities with the aim of ensuring the legal and commercial security of TIKAV and those who are in contact with TIKAV within the framework of foundation activities, your data will be processed according to article 5 and 6 in Law 6698.


c.     How and Who Your Data Can Be Passed onto

Your personal data can be shared with our stakeholders, suppliers, subsidiaries, and authorised bodies and persons that are related to TIKAV and TIKAV’s Foundational activities, according to the articles 8. And 9. In Law no. 6698 within the scope of section (c) of this Clarification Text. You can access further information about this on www.tikav.org.tr in the section “About Personal Data Protection”.



d.     The Lawful Reason and Method of Collecting Data Kişisel

Your personal data will be collected via our website, participation forms, mobile applications, call centres or physical channels. These channels will allow you to join our projects and make use of the services provided by TIKAV. The data is collected for the purpose of being able to proceed with our activities and are based on the rules of legislation, contracts, demands, custom of trade and honesty and are based on lawful reasoning. This data can be processed according to article (b) and (c) of this Clarification Text and articles 5. And 6. of Law no. 6698.


e.     The Rights of the Owner of the Personal Data according to article no. 11 of Law no. 6698ı

As owners of your personal data, if you send us requests with regards to your rights, our Foundation will reply to the request as soon as possible and latest within thirty days. However, if there is a financial element to this request, a fee will be requested from our end determined by the KVKK Council. Within this scope, the owner of personal data may ask to:

 •   Find out whether or not their data is being collected or processes,

•   Ask for more information if their data is being collected and processes,

•   Ask for information regarding how their data is being used, and whether is being used accordingly,

•   Find out if there data has been shared with national and international third-parties,

•   Make a change to the data if it has been collected and processed incorrectly, and request that this be past on to third-parties,

•   Even though the data has been processed and collected according to Law no. 6698, if the reason for keeping the data becomes obsolete, they can request the data to be deleted, and that this be past onto third-parties,

•   Object to any analysis that may result in being to the detriment of the owner,

•  Request damages if any have been made due to the processing and collection of their data.


You must send in your requests regarding your rights in written format to our Foundation according to Law no. 6698, Article 13, Paragraph 1.


If you can provide documents that prove your identity and give a clear explanation as to which right you are making a request about stated in Law no. 6698, Article 11, then this will allow us to reply to your request in a faster more efficient manner.