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Bireysel Gelişim Programı

The Personal Development Program

From 1999 onwards, the Personal Development Program (PDP) has been delivered to university students in the Eastern and South Eastern Anatolian regions of Turkey. These students, due to societal and economic reasons, do not necessarily have easy access to educational, cultural and personal development opportunities. The aim of the program is to help provide equal opportunity to these students, support them in the steps they are taking towards their professional lives, whilst raising awareness regarding social responsibility in the business world. The TIKAV Career Workshop Mentee-Mentor Program also exists to help with the aforementioned goals of the project.

Uluslararası Gençlik Ödülü - Türkiye

The International Youth Award-Türkiye

The International Award for Young People - Türkiye is an exciting personal development programme that all young people between the ages of 14 and 24 can participate in. The aim of The Award Programme is to equip young people with life skills that will enable them to make a difference in their own lives, in their societies they live in and in the world. Since 1956, millions of young people have participated in the Award Programme in 130 countries and territories. Award Programme has been delivered between 2013-2020 with the name of "The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award-Türkiye" (DoEIA-TR). Since July 2020, The Award is continued to deliver with the name of "The International Award for Young People - Türkiye" (IAYP-TR).

Ulusal Projeler

National Projects

From 2010 to today, TIKAV has aimed to deliver projects related to the education and development of individuals whilst finding sustainable solutions to the problems at hand. Within this scope, TIKAV has carried out several projects all across Turkey with varying demographics across society meeting with the youth, with children living in mountain villages, women, local authorities, families of disabled people, sick children seeing treatment in hospitals and their mothers. TIKAV has also worked on maintenance and repair of schools.


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