Turkey Human Resources Education and Health Foundation (TIKAV) was founded by the Akın Family in Ankara on 15.01.1999 in order to carry out Akfen Holding’s social responsibility projects. The main sponsor of the foundation is the Akın Family and AKFEN Holding.

TIKAV invests in individuals; it’s Projects are divided into three categories: The Individual Development Program, National Projects and International Award for Young People-Türkiye. TIKAV aims to deliver projects related to the education and development of individuals whilst finding sustainable solutions to the problems it addresses. Until today, TIKAV has carried out several projects all across Turkey with varying demographics across society meeting with the youth, with children living in mountain villages, women, local authorities, families of disabled people, sick children seeing treatment in hospitals and their mothers. TIKAV has also worked on maintenance and repair of schools.

The foundation delivers the Personal Development Program (PDP) to university students in the Eastern and South Eastern Anatolian regions of Turkey. These students, due to societal and economic reasons, do not necessarily have easy access to educational, cultural and personal development opportunities.

Within the scope of National Projects, TIKAV has worked in partnership with Mersin International Port (MIP), Turkey Young Business Men Association Ankara Branch (TÜGIAD), MARTAŞ Automative and Akfen Renewable Energy. 

Details of the projects can be found below:

  • In partnership with MIP in Mersin, TIKAV has carried out the “New Traditions in Old Villages” Project with children in mountain villages, “Mother’s School” Project with mothers in the Mediterranean and Taurus townships, “Hand-in-Hand with Local Authorities in Mersin”, The “We Fix, You Study” Project in which we renovated schools in need determined by the Mersin Provincial Directorate for National Education, “The Disabilities Within Us” Project with relatives of those who are disabled and the “Working Life and Women” as well as “Communication Within the Family” Panels.

  • In partnership with TÜGIAD Ankara branch, the “My Mother and I” Project was carried out for children seeing treatment at the Children’s Health and Illnesses Haematology Oncology Education and Research Hospital and their mothers.

    In partnership with MARTAŞ Automative, the “MARTAŞ Scholarship Program” has been given to successful university students from limited economic backgrounds; in addition to financial support, The International Award for Young People is delivered to these students in order to make them feel empowered and equipped for life. 

    In partnership with Akfen Renewable Energy:

  • 2017: The “Pupil At Home Project” which was delivered in 15 rural regions of Turkey to women with children between the ages of 0-6 where Akfen Renewable Energy has implemented Hydroelectric Plants and Solar Energy Plants,

    2018: The “Health First” Project which was delivered to women over the ages of 18 in over 17 locations.

    2019: “Hygiene is Health Project” which was delivered in over 26 rural regions across Turkey to women working with their physical strength in order to raise awareness about the importance of physical and nutritional hygiene in order to live healthy lives.

    2020 & 2022: The “Save at Home, Own your Future” Project which aims to raise awareness surrounding the conscious use of energy and water among women living in rural areas across 26 different locations in Turkey.

The International Award for Young People - Türkiye is an exciting personal development programme that all young people between the ages of 14 and 24 can participate in. The aim of The Award Programme is to equip young people with life skills that will enable them to make a difference in their own lives, in their societies they live in and in the world. Since 1956, millions of young people have participated in the Award Programme in 130 countries and territories.

Award Programme has been delivered between 2013-2020 with the name of "The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award-Türkiye" (DoEIA-TR). Since July 2020, The Award is continued to deliver with the name of "The International Award for Young People - Türkiye" (IAYP-TR).