“Mother’s School” Project


The “Mother’s School” Project took part in partnership with Mersin International Port (MIP) and TIKAV in Mersin. It aimed to raise awareness about fundamental health among mothers who took part in the project.

Due to its geographic location and climate, Mersin is one of the top immigrant-receiving cities in Turkey. For this reason, this project focused on immigrants to Mersin as well as individuals who have less socio-economic opportunities.  

Within the scope of the 2011 “Mother’s School Project”, full-day programs were organised once a month to mothers of primary school students within the boundaries of the Mediterranean Municipality and determined by the Mersin Governorship and Ministry of National Education. Throughout the project, expert doctors employed by the Province Education Minister gave trainings on health. Cultural trips, social events and outings to have meals together were organised.


In 2012, the project continued in the villages of the Mersin Taurus region. Every month for a full day, mother’s received training on hygiene, self-care, nutritional health, reproductive health and breath therapy. They took part in theatre productions created by the Arslanköy Women’s Theatre.

The “Mother’s School” Project which took part between the years 2011 and 2012 aimed to increase awareness about health among mothers, showing that taking care of one’s self first is imperative to provide health support to others. In addition to educational goals, this project also aimed to provide stimulating activities to mothers that they may not usually have the opportunity to take part in. This project, which lasted two years, reached over 470 mothers.