“My Mother and I Project”

The “Mother and I” Project which took place in partnership with the Turkey Young Business Men Association (TÜGİAD) Ankara Brunch, aimed at supporting children seeing treatment at the Children’s Health and Illnesses Haematology Oncology Education and Research Hospital and their mothers whilst raising awareness about societal awareness.

Cultural and social activities were organised for the children and mother’s in the hospital who had been there for a long time in order to increase their morale and motivation. 

Every month between January-December 2015 cultural and artistic activities such as dance, theatre, and rhythm workshops were organised; therapy programs, magicians shows, drama, origami and discussions were also organised. In addition, the mother’s were taken to hairdressers as well as taken out to have meals together. Some little gifts were taken to the mother’s and children in order to meet some of their needs and make them smile.

A total of 2,500 children and 2,500 mothers were reached due to the “Mother and I” Project.