New Traditions, Old Village (EKYA) Project

The “New Traditions, Old Village” Project which came to life due to the partnership of Mersin International Port (MIP) and TIKAV, aimed to increase the IT skills of the villagers via the computers that had been placed in special village rooms by the governorship in mountain villages. In addition, raising awareness about social responsibility was also another goal of this project which it aimed to achieve through 63 MIP employees taking part in the project.

The project was completed in two steps. In the first step, 64 students in 7th and 8th grades were chosen from 32 village schools. In order to keep the gender balance, one boy and one girl were chosen from each class. These students took part in a week-long training session between 23-30 January 2010 in Mersin. The students not only took part in IT training prepared by MIP’s IT department, but also took part in trainings organised by TIKAV such as “I Value Myself”, “Hygiene”, “First Aid”, “Eating Well”, “Infections Diseases” and “Dental Care”. They also took part in social activities to help support their personal development in addition to the training they received.

During the second step of the project, 63 MIP volunteers received “train the trainer” training and gave classes to the adults of the villages. With the project;

• The computers placed in the village rooms by the Mersin Governorship were able to be used more efficiently and effectively.

• 126 students learned new IT skills as well as knowledge about their health. They also learnt about how to get across the right information.

• Through the 126 students who were trained, the villagers were also able to gain new skills and knowledge about IT.

• The 63 MIP volunteers passed on valuable knowledge to the villagers, whilst also increasing the awareness of social responsibility within the company itself.