“Pupil At Home” Project

The Pupil at Home Project took place in 2017 in partnership with TIKAV and Akfen Renewable Energy. The project aimed to teach parents about the important of education at home for children between the ages of 0-6 especially when it comes to the physical, psychomotor, social-emotional, mind and language development of children. 



The “Pupil at Home” Project placed great importance on parents spending quality time with children and not leaving education solely to schools in order to raise healthy individuals. Within the scope of the project, mother’s were taught about children’s health check-ups as well as given tips on how to spend quality time with their children supported through workshops on activities that can be carried out at home. This project, aiming to raise healthier individuals, increase inter-family communication, support the education of children before school, has reached around 1000 people in 15 different locations.