“The Disabilities Within Us” Project

In 2014, the “Disabilities Within Us” project took part in partnership with Mersin International Port (MIP) and TIKAV; it was supported by the Mersin Governorship, Mersin Directorate of National Education as well as the Family and Social Policies Provincial Directorate. The Project aimed to raise awareness about disabilities, and that people with disabilities are not victims. Instead, the project aimed at spreading the view that disabled people should be involved in social life and that equal opportunity should be provided to them.


The project was delivered to family members who had disabled people in their own families. The Project was completed in 5 steps. Half-day trainings took part in April, May, September and October.

The fifth workshop of the project and the closing program took part on 20 November 2014. The project was finalised by ÖZEV Board of Trustees President Saime Toptan during his speech at the closing conference. The Project reached a total of 1000 people.